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IPaletteSection Interface

A structure defining the section of swatches in the Color picker. For details, see the Color Picker topic.

configuration = {
    widgets: {
        ColorPicker: {
            sections: [
                  type: "PaletteSection",
                  translationKey: "Swatches",
                  viewType: "Line",
                  palette: [["spot(PANTONE 8783 C, cmyk(100%,55%,0%,55%,100%), 1, 100%)",
                             "cmyk(0%, 0%, 100%, 0%, 100%)"]]



palette: string [] []

Palettes to show in the Color picker; a palette is described by the two-dimensional array of colors in a css-compatible format. The default value is [["cmyk(0%,100%,100%,0%,100%)","cmyk(0%,0%,100%,0%,100%)",...],...].

Optional targets

targets: ColorPickerTarget []

An item property that you can specify a color for. The default value is ["All"].

Optional translationKey

translationKey: string

The section name. You can use either a string or an identifier of a string defined in the ~\Configuration\translations.json file.


The source type, "PaletteSection".

Optional viewType

The appearance of the section, either "Block" or "Line". The default value is "Block".