IGalleryButton Interface

A structure defining configuration of the Toolbox for launching the Image Gallery in a predefined mode. For more details, refer to the Using the Image Gallery topic.



"Toolbox": {
    "buttons": [
            "translationKey": "Toolbox.IMAGE",
            "translationKeyTitle": "Toolbox.TITLE_ADD_IMAGE",
            "iconClass": "cc-icon-add-image",
            "buttons": [
                    "translationKey": "Toolbox.FACEBOOK",
                    "translationKeyTitle": "Toolbox.FACEBOOK",
                    "iconClass": "cc-icon-add-facebook",
                    "action": "Image",
                    "tabs": [ "Facebook" ]



action: ButtonAction

Optional defaultTabName

defaultTabName: string

The default tab to be displayed when the Image Gallery opens. By default, the Image Gallery opens the User tab first.

Optional iconClass

iconClass: string

Optional tabs

tabs: string []

The tabs available in the Image Gallery.

Optional translationKey

translationKey: string

Optional translationKeyTitle

translationKeyTitle: string

Optional type

The gallery used in the editor, either the Asset Manager or the Gallery Dialog.