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IBaseTextItemConfig Interface

A structure defining the basic text parameters.

    "defaultItemsConfig": {
        "text": {
            "font": {
                "postScriptName": "Impact",
                "size": 33,
                "fauxBold": true,
                "fauxItalic": true
            "color": "rgb(30,30,30)",
            "shadow": {
                "color": "rgb(255,0,0)",
                "size": 0.4,
                "angle": 45,
                "distance": 2
            "stroke": {
                "size": 0.3
            "overflowStrategy": "FitToWidth"


Optional alignment

alignment: TextAlignment

The text alignment.

Optional angle

angle: number

An angle, which design elements are rotated to. By default, this value is 0.

Optional borderColor

borderColor: string

The shape border color. The default value is "rgba(0,0,0,255)".

Optional borderWidth

borderWidth: number

The border width of an item, in points. The default value is 0.

Optional color

color: string

The text color. The default value is "rgba(0,0,0,255)".

Optional fillColor

fillColor: string

The fill color. The default value is "rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)".

Optional font

The font parameters.

Optional horizontalScale

horizontalScale: number

Allows you to scale text horizontally. The default value is 1.

Optional itemPermissions

itemPermissions: IItemPermissionsConfig

A structure defining the Item Menu for design elements.

Optional leading

leading: number

The spacing between base lines, in points.

Optional manipulationPermissions

manipulationPermissions: IManipulationPermissionsConfig

A structure defining the manipulation permissions for design elements.

Optional maskOpacity

maskOpacity: number

The mask opacity of an item. The default value is 0.45.

Optional opacity

opacity: number

An opacity applied to design elements. This value can be from 0 to 1. By default, it is 1.

Optional shadow

The shadow parameters.

Optional shapePermissions

shapePermissions: IShapePermissionsConfig

Defines permissions for shapes.

Optional stroke

The stroke parameters.

Optional text

text: string

The default content for new text elements. It is an empty string for rich text and "Text" for plain text.

Optional textWrappingMode

textWrappingMode: WrappingModeType

A wrapping mode applied to wrap text around design elements. By default, it is "none".

Optional tracking

tracking: number

The spacing between characters, in points. The default value is 0.

Optional underline

underline: boolean

Enables the underline. The default value is false.

Optional verticalScale

verticalScale: number

Allows you to scale text vertically. The default value is 1.

Optional visualizationPermissions

visualizationPermissions: IVisualizationPermissionsConfig

A structure defining the visualization permissions for design elements.