IRichTextConfig Interface

A structure defining the rich text parameters.

You can apply these parameters to the richText object through either clientConfig.json or IConfiguration.

    "defaultItemsConfig": {
        "richText": {
            "color": "rgb(30,30,30)",
            "isVertical": true,
            "shadow": {
                "color": "rgb(55,0,0)",
                "size": 0.4,
                "angle": 45,
                "distance": 1


Optional alignment

alignment: string

Optional angle

angle: number

Optional borderColor

borderColor: string

Optional borderWidth

borderWidth: number

Optional characterLimit

characterLimit: number

Optional color

color: string

Optional fillColor

fillColor: string

Optional font

Optional horizontalScale

horizontalScale: number

Optional isVertical

isVertical: boolean

Optional itemPermissions

itemPermissions: IItemPermissionsConfig

Optional leading

leading: number

Optional manipulationPermissions

manipulationPermissions: IManipulationPermissionsConfig

Optional maskOpacity

maskOpacity: number

Optional opacity

opacity: number

Optional paragraphSettings

paragraphSettings: IParagraphSettingsConfig

Optional shadow

Optional shapePermissions

shapePermissions: IShapePermissionsConfig

Optional stroke

Optional text

text: string

Optional textWrappingMode

textWrappingMode: WrappingModeType

Optional tracking

tracking: number

Optional underline

underline: boolean

Optional verticalAlignment

verticalAlignment: VerticalAlignmentType

Optional verticalScale

verticalScale: number

Optional visualizationPermissions

visualizationPermissions: IVisualizationPermissionsConfig

Optional wrappingMargin

wrappingMargin: number