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IThemeBindingConfig Interface

A structure defining default colors and styles of design elements.

You can specify themeBinding in both IItemDefaultConfig and IDefaultItemsConfig.

    "defaultItemsConfig": {
        "text": {
            "themeBinding": {
                "styles": ["FancyText"]
        "image": {
            "themeBinding": {
                "img": "MainColor",
                "border": "BorderColor"


Optional border

border: string

The border color.

Optional fill

fill: string

The fill color.

Optional img

img: string

The color applied with the Hard Light blend mode and 80% opacity to the original image.

Optional line

line: string

The line color.

Optional shadow

shadow: string

The text shadow color.

Optional stroke

stroke: string

The text stroke color.

Optional styles

styles: string []

An array of style names.

Optional text

text: string

The text color.