A structure containing configuration of the Bottom toolbar.


Optional fullScreenButtonEnabled

fullScreenButtonEnabled: boolean

Displays the Full screen button; the full screen mode is not supported in Internet Explorer and Safari, so the related button is not displayed in these browsers even if it is enabled.

Optional fullWindowButtonEnabled

fullWindowButtonEnabled: boolean

Displays the Full window button.

Optional gridCheckboxEnabled

gridCheckboxEnabled: boolean

Displays the grid toggle button.

Optional rotateButtonEnabled

rotateButtonEnabled: boolean

Displays the Rotate button.

Optional safetyLinesCheckboxEnabled

safetyLinesCheckboxEnabled: boolean

Displays the safety lines toggle button.

Optional snapLinesCheckboxEnabled

snapLinesCheckboxEnabled: boolean

Displays the snap lines checkbox. It turns on/off snap line mode.

Optional surfaceSwitchEnabled

surfaceSwitchEnabled: boolean

Displays surface (page) selector. It is swiper for multipage product or front/back side buttons for double-sided products.

Optional zoomButtonsEnabled

zoomButtonsEnabled: boolean

Displays the Zoom in and Zoom out buttons.

Optional zoomValueEnabled

zoomValueEnabled: boolean

Displays current zoom value.