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IStrokeSettings Interface

A structure defining parameters of text stroke.

    "defaultItemsConfig": {
        "text": {
            "font": {
                "postScriptName": "Impact",
                "size": 33,
                "fauxBold": true,
                "fauxItalic": true
            "color": "rgb(30,30,30)",
            "shadow": {
                "color": "rgb(255,0,0)",
                "size": 0.4,
                "angle": 45,
                "distance": 2
            "stroke": {
                "size": 0.3
            "overflowStrategy": "FitToWidth",
            "textPermissions": {
                "allowChangeFontColor": false,
                "allowChangeShadow": false,
                "allowChangeStroke": false


Optional color

color: string

The stroke color.

Optional size

size: number

The stroke width, in points. The default value depends on the item size.