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IWatermarkImageConfig Interface

A configuration of watermark image.

configuration = {
    watermark: {
        text: {
            text: "watermark",
            fontSettings: {
                postScriptName: "LucidaSans-Italic",
                size: 14,
                fauxBold: false,
                fauxItalic: false
            scale: 0.28,
            opacity: 0.5
        image: {
            name: "watermark.png",
            repeat: true,
            opacity: 0.1
        visibility: {
            proof: true,
            canvas: true


Optional name

name: string

The file name of the watermark image. This file is in the ~\assets\helpers\ folder.

Optional opacity

opacity: number

The opacity of the watermark image. The default value is 0.1.

Optional repeat

repeat: boolean

Enables repeating the watermark image on the canvas and proof images. If false, the image is shown in the center of the canvas. The default value is true.