IWidgetsConfig Interface

The configuration of the editor widgets. For details, see the Customizing User Interface topic.

configuration = {
    widgets: {
        ColorPicker: {
            showPaletteOnly: true
        FinishButton: {
            mode: "Disabled"
        ImageEditorDialog: {
            colorAdjustButtonEnabled: false
        ObjectInspector: {
            bgItemEnabled: false
        RichTextDialog: {
            bgColor: "lightgray"


Optional BottomToolbar

BottomToolbar: IBottomToolbarConfig

Settings of the Bottom toolbar.

Optional ColorPicker

ColorPicker: IColorPickerConfig

Settings of the Color picker.

Optional FinishButton

FinishButton: IFinishButtonConfig

Settings of the Finish design button.

Optional GalleryDialog

GalleryDialog: IGalleryDialogConfig

Settings of the Gallery dialog.

Optional ImageEditorDialog

ImageEditorDialog: IImageEditorDialogConfig

Settings of the Image editor dialog.

Optional ItemMenu

ItemMenu: IItemMenuConfig

Settings of the Item menu.

Optional LeftToolbar

LeftToolbar: ILeftToolbarConfig

Settings of the Left toolbar.

Optional LinearBarcodeDialog

LinearBarcodeDialog: IBottomToolbarConfig

Settings of the Linear barcode dialog.

Optional ObjectInspector

ObjectInspector: IObjectInspectorConfig

Settings of the Object inspector.

Optional QrCodeDialog

QrCodeDialog: IBarcodeDialogConfig

Settings of the Qr code dialog.

Optional RichTextDialog

RichTextDialog: IRichTextDialogConfig

Settings of the Rich text dialog.

Optional TopToolbar

TopToolbar: ITopToolbarConfig

Settings of the Top toolbar.

Optional common

common: ICommonConfig

Common font settings.