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loadUserInfo Method


  • loadUserInfo(data?: IUserInfo ) : Promise < void >
  • Populates a product with user data. For details, see the Working with User Data topic.

    Warning! This method is time-consuming. For optimization, you can populate a product template when it is loading into the editor with autoLoadUserInfo enabled.

    var editor = null;
    var data = {
        "Name": "Alex Smith",
        "Position": "Manager",
        "ID": {
            "BarcodeFormat": "EAN_8",
            "BarcodeValue": "1234567"
    // Load the web-to-print editor.
    CustomersCanvas.IframeApi.loadEditor(iframe, product, configuration)
        .then(function (e) {
            editor = e;
    // Populate the product with user data.


    • Optional data: IUserInfo

      An object, which holds key-value pairs. The key is a layer name or an in-string placeholder name without markers and extra symbols. The value is a text or barcode date you want to insert into it. If you omit this parameter, then the userInfo passed to the editor during the initial loadEditor call is used.

    Returns Promise < void >