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IChannelContainerDefinition Interface

A structure holding settings to create a channel container. For details, see the Spot Colors and Textures topic.

const productDefinition = {
    surfaces: [{
        printAreas: [{
            designFile: "texture",
            containers: [
                    name: "foil",
                    type: "texture",
                    texture: "texture.jpg"
                    name: "spot",
                    type: "spotColor",
                    previewColor: "rgba(255,255,0,1)"

Implemented by


Optional name

name: string

A unique container name.

Optional previewColor

previewColor: string

An RGB color representing a spot color on the canvas and proof images.

Optional texture

texture: string

A texture image used for rendering elements of the container on the canvas and proof images. This value is relative to the ~\assets\helpers\ folder.

Optional translationKey

translationKey: string

The translation key of the channel tab caption in the Object Inspector. The corresponding string should be defined in the ~\Configuration\translations.json file.

Optional type

A type of the channel container, either texture or spot color.