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IProductDefinition Interface

A structure holding settings to create a product.

const productDefinition = {
    surfaces: {
        // Get surfaces from the folder.
        designFolder: "myphotoBook",
        // Name surfaces as "Page 1", "Page 2", and so on.
        name: "Page {0}",
        // Get mockups from the folder.
        mockupFolder: { up: "photoBookMockups" }
    // Define safety lines for all surfaces (product pages).
    defaultSafetyLines: [{
        margin: 5,
        color: "rgba(0,0,0,1)"


Optional defaultCropMarks

defaultCropMarks: ICropMark []

A collection of default crop marks defined for every surface (page) in the product.

Optional defaultDesignLocation

defaultDesignLocation: IPointF

Coordinates of the design relative to the upper-left corner of the mockup, in points.

Optional defaultSafetyLines

defaultSafetyLines: ISafetyLine []

A collection of safety lines defined for every surface (page) in the product.

Optional name

name: string

A name of a surface (a page) in the product.


A collection of surfaces (pages) defined in the product.