IProofImage Interface

A structure holding settings for proof images.

var emptyProduct = {
    surfaces: [
            width: 720,
            height: 504,
            proofImage: {
                fileFormat: "PNG",
                mockupEnabled: false,
                watermarkEnabled: true,
                watermarkText: "PREVIEW",
                watermarkFontSize: 50


Optional cropSafetyLineName

cropSafetyLineName: string

Name of a safety line which proof images are cropped to; if there is no safety line with the given name, proof images are not cropped.

Optional fileFormat

fileFormat: string

Type of proof image files. It can be "JPEG" or "PNG".

Optional flipMode

flipMode: string

Flip mode for proof images. Allows for flipping proof images. Possible values are "none", "vertical", "horizontal", "both".

Optional mockupEnabled

mockupEnabled: boolean

Allows for rendering a mockup to proof images.

Optional safetyLinesEnabled

safetyLinesEnabled: boolean

Allows for drawing safety lines on proof images.

Optional spineAndFoldingLinesEnabled

spineAndFoldingLinesEnabled: boolean

Displays spines and folding lines on proof images.

Optional watermarkEnabled

watermarkEnabled: boolean

Displays watermark on proof images.

Optional watermarkFontPostScriptName

watermarkFontPostScriptName: string

Watermark font name.

Optional watermarkFontSize

watermarkFontSize: number

Watermark font size in points.

Optional watermarkText

watermarkText: string

Watermark text.