ISurfaceDefinition Interface

A structure holding settings to create an empty surface.

var emptyProduct = {
    surfaces: [
            width: 720,
            height: 504,
            proofImage: {
                fileFormat: "PNG",
                mockupEnabled: false


Optional bgFoldingMode

bgFoldingMode: IBgFoldingModeParams

Parameters of the background folding mode.

Optional foldingLines

foldingLines: IFoldingLine []

A collection of folding lines defined in the surface (page).


height: number

A surface height in points.

Optional name

name: string

A name of a surface (a page) in the product.

Optional printAreas

printAreas: IPrintAreaDefinition []

A collection of print areas defined in the surface (page).

Optional proofImage

proofImage: IProofImage

Settings of proof images.

Optional spines

spines: ISpine []

A collection of spines defined in the surface (page).


width: number

A surface width in points.