Default Parameters of Design Elements

Customer's Canvas allows you to specify configuration parameters of design elements being added to the canvas. These parameters define the initial appearance and behavior of the elements. After your users have added the elements to the canvas, they can change the appearance of these elements.

The following example demonstrates how you can specify the default parameters of text, lines, and images through IConfiguration.

configuration = {
    defaultItemsConfig: {
        text: {
            font: {
                postScriptName: "Impact",
                size: 33,
                fauxBold: true,
                fauxItalic: true
            themeBinding: {
                text: "MainColor"
            isVertical: true,
            verticalAlignment: "center",
            overflowStrategy: "FitToWidth",
            maxLineCount: 2,
            maxLineLength: 20
        line: {
            width: 3,
            color: "rgb(255,0,0)",
            linePermissions: {
                allowChangeLineWidth: false
        image: {
            manipulationPermissions: {
                allowMoveHorizontal: false,
                allowMoveVertical: false,
                resizeGrips: {
                    edge: true,
                    corner: ["Arbitrary"]

Note, default parameters of design elements may depend on corresponding properties of widgets. For example, you can disallow your users to change the opacity of only images being added to the canvas if you set the allowOpacityChange permission for images to false. If you disable the Select opacity slider in the TopToolbar, you prevent your users from changing the opacity of all images and other design elements in their products.

  "defaultItemsConfig": {
    "image": {
      "itemPermissions": {
        "allowOpacityChange": false
  "widgets": {
    "TopToolbar": {
      "opacitySliderEnabled": true

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