Evaluating Customer's Canvas

You may have already learned on our site that Customer's Canvas is distributed in two versions: on-premises and hosted. The on-premises version is deployed on your Windows server, physical or virtual, giving you full control over its resources and configuration. This version requires experience with ASP.NET. The hosted version is already deployed on our servers and it does not require any Windows server experience. Even though both versions have the same features and provide the same capabilities to integrate into web-to-print sites, we offer two different trials:

The trial versions include a demo application demonstrating features of our product and how they can be applied to a typical web-to-print workflow (e.g. selecting and editing a product, approving the customized product using proof images, and getting the print-ready output). They also include code examples, which plainly show how to build Customer's Canvas into a page.

Both trial versions are full-featured and the only limitation is that they expire in 14 days.

Evaluating Customer's Canvas On-premises

When you request the Customer's Canvas evaluation package, you get an e-mail containing the installer download link.

To launch the trial application, perform the following steps:

  1. Download CustomersCanvasTrial.exe and run it. When the installation is finished, Customer's Canvas appears as Aurigma Customer's Canvas 4.4.12 Evaluation in the All apps group, on the Start menu.

    The Trial Application Folder.

  2. Click License Manager. Note that this tool requires an Internet connection to register an evaluation license key.
  3. Click Activate 14-day evaluation, fill in your account details, and then click Proceed.

    Getting a trial key in the Licence manager.

  4. Verify the license type and expiration date in the confirmation dialog.

    Getting a trial key in the Licence manager.

  5. Click Launch Trial Application.

To launch the application on an old computer, like Windows 7, make sure that Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher is installed. This is required even if you run the application in a different browser because the IE engine is used for LESS compilation on the server side.

Now, you can continue with:

Evaluating Customer's Canvas Hosted

When you request the trial, you get an e-mail confirmation containing:

  • Your login and password for your Customer's Canvas account.
  • The API URL used to integrate Customer's Canvas into your system. The URL appears as follows: https://h.customerscanvas.com/Users/xxxxxxxx-yyyy-xxxx-yyyy-xxxxxxxxxxxx/SimplePolygraphy/Resources/SPEditor/Scripts/IFrame/IframeApi.js, where xxxxxxxx-yyyy-xxxx-yyyy-xxxxxxxxxxxx is a unique identifier of your Customer's Canvas instance.

Though you can still use the HTTP protocol, it's recommended to integrate the Hosted solution using the HTTPS protocol due to the move towards a more secure web.

To run the trial application, you just need to open index.html in your browser.

Now, you can continue with the following:

Demo Application Overview

Both trial versions contain a one-page demo application. It illustrates a typical web-to-print workflow which includes selecting and editing a product, approving the customized product using proof images, and getting the print-ready output. Project functionality and the interface are the same for both versions of Customer's Canvas.

Here is an overview of the application.

On the first step, you can select a product and edit it.

Selecting the product template.

On the next step, you should approve the customized product. Customer's Canvas displays proof images and allows you to approve them or return to editing the product.

Approving the product template.

On the last step, you can download the print-ready file.

Download or/and print the print-ready product.

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