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The ~/Configuration/FileCache.config file allows you to configure the cache of Customer's Canvas.

The following snippet shows parameters of the Customer's Canvas cache, which you can set up in either the Aurigma.DesignAtoms.FileCacheConfiguration section of Web.config or the separate ~/Configuration/FileCache.config file, with their default values.

        <add key="MaxSize" value="4294967296" />
        <add key="CleanUpInterval" value="1800" />
        <add key="MaxUtilizationThreshold" value="95" />
        <add key="UtilizationTarget" value="70" />
        <add key="RootPath" value="~/App_Data/FileCache" />
Name Description Possible values
MaxSize The maximum size of the cache, in bytes. The default value is 4294967296 (4GB). number
CleanUpInterval The interval between cleanup runs, in seconds. The default value is 1800 (30 minutes). number
MaxUtilizationThreshold The maximum cache utilization level (in percent) that triggers automatic cleanup. When the cache size reaches MaxUtilizationThreshold, the cleanup process starts. The default value is 95. number
UtilizationTarget The utilization level (in percent) to which the cache should be cleaned up. When the cleanup algorithm reaches the UtilizationTarget level, the cleanup process stops. The default value is 70. number
RootPath The folder path where the cache is stored. The default value is ~/App_Data/FileCache. folder path

For more details, refer to the Configuring the Cache topic.

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