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Getting Started with the Control Panel

The Control Panel represents a web application to manage files and configure the Design Editor.

A Cloud Instance

Cloud instances of Design Editor have the Control Panel already installed.

Running the Cloud Control Panel

To administrate your cloud instance, follow the link and enter your login and password.


Accounts on and are two different accounts.

An On-Premises Instance

The Distribution Package

You can contact our support team to get the Control Panel for your Windows server. This distribution package represents the Hosted_<version>.zip file and contains the compiled application.

Deploying the Control Panel

To deploy this application:

  • Unzip the archive to a new IIS folder.
  • In IIS Manager, create an application pool with the NetworkService identity.
  • Create an Application (if you want to put it to a folder of your main site) or Add a website to the Sites list associated with this folder (if you want to deploy this app on a separate domain).
  • Set up the AppPool that you have created for this application/site.

For detailed instructions, you can refer to the topic about Deploying Applications to Windows Servers.

Running the Control Panel

Let us assume that your Control Panel shares a domain name with the main website and is located in the /CP/ virtual folder. To run this application, navigate to in your browser.

If you face any problem with the Control Panel, please contact our support team.

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