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Getting Started

Customer's Canvas 5 represents a software development kit (SDK). This SDK allows you to both create product designs from scratch in the Design Atoms Framework and embed ready-to-use Design Editor into your site.

The Design Editor is available in two versions: on-premises and cloud. You can deploy the on-premises version on your Windows server and get full control over its resources and configuration. The cloud version is deployed on our shared hosting and it does not require any Windows server experience. These versions have the same features and provide the same capabilities to integrate into web-to-print sites. You can request a trial version of Design Editor.

This section describes the evaluation process of this web-to-print solution and how you can register your licensing keys. Also, you can find out how to deploy the application to your server.

In addition, this section describes advanced Windows server configuration.

In This Section

Evaluating Customer's Canvas
Registering Production License Keys
Deploying Customer's Canvas to Windows Servers
Design Atoms Sample Project
Advanced Server Configuration