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Google Drive Assets

Customer's Canvas allows your users to browse images from either your corporate or personal Google Drive account and use these images in user designs.

You can download Apps for Google Drive integration on the My Account page. If you don't have a Customer's Canvas license, contact our support team.

This package contains two applications: Google Drive token generator and Google Drive web service. The first application contains an authentication token generator for user accounts, while Google Drive web service manages the Google Drive APIs.

To enable Google Drive as an external source for Customer's Canvas, you need to:

  1. Get a private key.
  2. Get an access token.
  3. Set up and run the Google Drive web service.
  4. Define an image source in the Asset Manager.

Depending on your Google Drive account type, you need either a client key for a user account or a private key for a service account to access images from the Customer's Canvas editor. After you have obtained the key, you need to get an access token. Google Drive token generator generates such tokens for user accounts. For service accounts, you need to call the getToken method of Google Drive web service to create tokens.

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User Accounts
Service Accounts
The Google Drive Web Service