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Integration with NopCommerce

To allow your users to personalize print products, you can apply the Aurigma Personalization Plugin. This plugin embeds Customer's Canvas into your nopCommerce site. If your site includes an editor like Customer's Canvas, then your users can customize products that you offer online. You can assign parameters of Customer's Canvas to a single product, which can then be personalized. For example, this can be the template name of a PSD template defining the product with a prepared design for Christmas Notecards, Halloween Notecards, Birthday Notecards, etc. in a single category, Notecards.

In turn, your customers can select products, personalize them in the editor, and make an order:

  1. Select a product they want to order.
  2. Click Personalize to open the Design Editor.
  3. Edit the template and click Finish to verify proof images of the personalized product.
  4. Click Approve to add the product to the shopping cart.
  5. Click Checkout to submit payment for the order.

After customers make their orders, you can find them in the nopCommerce administration panel:

  1. Click Sales and then click Orders to see the order list.
  2. Click the View button to get the order details.
  3. In Designs, you can find the proof images and hi-res output.

Within this section, you will learn how to install the Aurigma Personalization Plugin and configure products in nopCommerce.

In This Section

Installing the NopCommerce Plugin
Setting Up a Product
Under the Hood of Editor Configs