Sample PSD Files

You can download these PSD samples illustrating features of Customer's Canvas.

PSD sample with text elements supported in Customer's Canvas.

Plain Text

  • Point text
  • In-string placeholders and masked text
  • Curved text with hints
  • Auto-scaled text
  • The stroke and shadow effects
  • Max line and character count
PSD sample with rich text elements supported in Customer's Canvas.

Rich Formatted Text

  • Wrapping text inside shapes
  • Wrapping text around design elements
  • Multicolumn text
  • Alignment of bounded text
  • Max character count for a text block
  • Copyfitting of plain bounded text
PSD sample with images supported in Customer's Canvas.


  • Image effects
  • Restricting an image source folder
  • Manipulation permissions (allow/forbid move, resize, rotate, etc)
  • Show/hide an element in the editor or a print file
PSD sample with image placeholders supported in Customer's Canvas.

Image Placeholders

  • Standard/empty/stub placeholders
  • Linking the placeholders to share their content
  • Transforms
  • Alignment of the placeholder's content
PSD sample with image placeholder frames supported in Customer's Canvas.

Image Placeholders with Frames

  • Image placeholders with frames
  • Transforms of image placeholders
PSD sample with shape elements supported in Customer's Canvas.

Vector Shapes

  • Adding vector shapes to designs
  • Three ways of creating the shaped placeholders
PSD sample with multivalue items supported in Customer's Canvas.

Multi-value Items

  • Predefined values of the text and image elements
  • Common and private properties of the multi-value items
PSD sample with product themes supported in Customer's Canvas.

Product Themes

  • Colorable properties of design elements
  • Binding the properties to a theme color
PSD sample demonstrating the 3D preview in Customer's Canvas.

3D Preview

  • A product design template
  • A preview mockup
  • DI code sample

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