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Registering Production License Keys

Before you start working with the editor, you need to register your license keys on your server or development computer. This article describes license types and how you can register license keys. If you want to evaluate Customer's Canvas before purchasing, you can download a distribution package from your account and activate a 30-day evaluation key as described later in this topic.

License Types in Customer's Canvas

Starting from version 4.4, Customer's Canvas works with the following types of license keys:

  • Evaluation is a free key valid for a 30-day evaluation period.
  • Developer allows several developers to work with Customer's Canvas from a local host. By default, three licenses of this type are available in your account. If you need more license keys or a Developer/QA License for a server, contact our support team.
  • Server corresponds to the Single Server/Multiple Website License and allows you to install Customer's Canvas on a server. This license requires you to specify an activation code for the server (for example, O+zAN+QZsM5KpwvhNHZQMQ==).
  • Domain corresponds to the Single Server/Single Website License. Additionally to the activation code of your server, you must specify a domain name from which you will launch the editor (for example, O+zAN+QZsM5KpwvhNHZQMQ== and
  • Enterprise corresponds to the Multiple Server/Multiple Website License, has a custom licensing policy, and is not generally available.

For the Domain license, the licensing engine verifies the referrer (the referring domain), and you need to specify this referrer in your license key. For example, when you deploy a Customer's Canvas instance to and you are going to access this instance from, specify the domain in your key. This license type allows you to deploy multiple instances to a server, say for blue-green deployment, but they may be accessed from one domain only.

The Server license also allows you to deploy multiple Customer's Canvas instances to a server. Since the licensing engine does not verify the referrer in this case, the instances may be accessed from multiple domains.

Getting License Keys

License keys are bound to hardware parameters maintained in an Activation code. To obtain an activation code for your hardware, you should use the Customer's Canvas License Manager. You can find this tool in the LicenseManager installation folder. Run LicenseManager.exe and click Register license key.

Obtaining a license key based on your activation code.

Copy the activation code to the clipboard. To activate this code and get your license key, log in to your account, navigate to My Licenses & Downloads, and click Get license key.

Production license key.

When the Activate Customer's Canvas page appears, paste your code. If you generate a Domain license key, specify your domain name(s). After that, click Submit to generate a license key. Copy your key from the License key column and register it in one of the available ways.

License Key Formats

Starting from Customer's Canvas 4.4, license keys have the following format:

You may notice that such a key contains license parameters in its prefix.

License keys of earlier versions look as follows:


Registering the License Keys

There are several ways to register a production license key for Customer's Canvas:

  1. You can register a license key on a development computer or a production server by using the Customer's Canvas License Manager. This tool requires an Internet connection to activate an evaluation license key.
  2. As an alternative to the previous way, you can apply a license key by updating the Windows Registry manually.
  3. You can register a license key by using a LIC file.
  4. You can also specify a license key in the \Configuration\AppSettings.config file.

Using the Customer's Canvas License Manager

The Customer's Canvas License Manager is intended to register license keys on developer machines and target web servers. This tool is distributed along with Customer's Canvas in the LicenseManager installation folder. To run this tool, double-click LicenseManager.exe.

You can use this tool to register both evaluation and production license keys.

Registering Evaluation License Keys

After launching the License Manager, you will see the following dialog:

Registering a new user.

If you have not yet registered on, enter your name, company, and email on the New user tab. If you have been registered on, you can click the Existing user tab and enter your email and password.

After you press the Proceed button, this tool retrieves a key from your account, registers it in your system, and displays your license key and its expiry date.

Getting a trial key in the Licence manager.

If a trial license key cannot be obtained or registered for some reason, please contact our support team.

Registering Production License Keys

To register a production license key, click Register license key, paste your license key, and press Proceed. When the license key is registered, you can verify the license type and maintenance period.

Verifying a license key.

Updating the Windows Registry Manually

If for whatever reason you cannot register license keys by using the Customer's Canvas License Manager, you can apply a license key by updating the Windows Registry manually. To perform this, copy your license key from My Licenses & Downloads and update the following keys in the Windows Registry, depending on your Customer's Canvas version:

  • Starting from Customer's Canvas 4.4:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Aurigma\Graphics Mill for .NET\10.0] 
    "License Key"="YOUR_KEY"   
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Aurigma\Graphics Mill for .NET\10.0] 
    "License Key"="YOUR_KEY"
  • Earlier versions:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Aurigma\Graphics Mill for .NET\6.0] 
    "License Key"="YOUR_KEY"   
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Aurigma\Graphics Mill for .NET\6.0] 
    "License Key"="YOUR_KEY"

Using a LIC File

If you deploy a web application on a server where you have no permission to run the Customer's Canvas License Manager, you can register a production key using a LIC file.

  1. Create a new text file named Aurigma.GraphicsMill.lic.
  2. Insert your license key into this file. Make sure that this file has no extra characters, such as white spaces, etc.
  3. Copy this file into the \bin\ folder of your web application.

Using the AppSettings.config File

On a server, you can apply a license key in \Configuration\AppSettings.config as follows:

    <add key="CustomersCanvasLicenseKey" value="" />

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