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User Interface

This section describes such components of the Design Editor as the image gallery, image editor, rich text editor, and toolbars.

This section explains in detail how you can enable the simple and advanced editor modes and what editing capabilities they provide, how you can arrange images and edit the user content.

Customer's Canvas allows for customizing the user interface according to your site needs. You can set up widgets for all products or in a different way for different pages. Also, you may want to localize the user interface, customize the preloader, or change UI themes.

For copyright protection, you may want to display watermarks.

In This Section

Simple and Advanced Web-to-Print Editor Modes
The Asset Manager
The Image Editor
Editing Text Elements
Rich Text Editor
Customizing the User Interface
Customizing Widgets on a Per-page Basis
Customizing the Toolbox
Color Picker
Defining Names of Design Elements
The Preflight Check
Localization of Customer's Canvas
The Product Loading Screen
UI Themes