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Integration with E-commerce

Customer's Canvas can be easily integrated into any website and e-commerce platform no matter what server technology you use.


Full-fledged work with third-party plugins is not guaranteed, since some of them are not comprehensive and may need modifications to specific themes.

This section describes a common workflow of the web-to-print solution that includes the following actions:

  1. A user selects a design template in your e-commerce system.
  2. The system launches a Customer's Canvas instance with the selected template.
  3. The user edits the design in the web-to-print editor.
  4. Customer's Canvas provides proof images when the user has finished changing the product.
  5. If the user approves these proof images, they move to the next step. Otherwise, they back to personalizing the product.
  6. Customer's Canvas generates the high-resolution output for the e-commerce system.
  7. The system generates the order.

Within this section, you will learn how to manage product customization, configure hi-res outputs and proof images, render multipage products, and work with user data.

In This Section

Integration with E-commerce Overview
Integration with NopCommerce
Integration with Shopify
Integration with WooCommerce
Introducing the IFrame API
Working with User Data
Specifying Product Tags