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The Web.config file contains back-end configuration parameters of the Design Atoms Framework. You can find this file in the Customer's Canvas root folder. In web.config, there are four sections where you can set up the application parameters:


For security reasons, in Customer's Canvas 4.2.13, these sections were moved to separate files in the ~/Configuration folder: AppSettings.config, Aurigma.DesignAtoms.config, FileCache.config, and Converters.config. Hosted clients are only allowed to edit the following files:

  • ~/Configuration/AppSettings.config
  • ~/Configuration/FileCache.config
  • ~/Configuration/Aurigma.DesignAtoms.config

If you use the cloud version of Customer's Canvas and need to set up external command-line image conversion tools, please contact our support team.

If you use the on-premises version, you can move these configuration files back into Web.config.

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