Security in Web API

All controllers provided by the Customer's Canvas Web API work through HTTPS only. Any POST, PUT, or DELETE request must include the X-CustomersCanvasAPIKey: "ApiSecurityKey" field in its header. "ApiSecurityKey" is an arbitrary string, but it must be a unique value, which you define in the Web.config file.

        <add key="ApiSecurityKey" value="ApiSecurityKey" />

Note, all snippets in this section define this security key in JavaScript code. It could be highly insecure if they are run on a public site. However, you can use them this way in your admin panel, or just for demonstration purposes.

For real applications, there should be a back-end code that, like a proxy, sends requests to the controllers. So, your code decides whether a user has enough rights to manipulate templates/fonts/images or not, and if the user has enough rights, the code sends the request to the corresponding controller.

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