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Adobe InDesign and Photoshop support

Despite all the benefits of web-to-print technologies, there are still valid concerns to be had when adopting a new solution. One obstacle is compatibility issues between existing stock design libraries and a new web-to-print editor. Customer’s Canvas harnesses the power of the Adobe formats to overcome one of the biggest challenges facing clients implementing web-to-print solutions.

Adobe Photoshop support
Language you already speak

Language you already speak

Learning a new software program with its own unique user interface is like learning a new language. Adobe Software is a universal language for the printing industry that everyone already knows. The ability to integrate IDML and PSD templates into Customer's Canvas drastically reduces the learning curve and makes web-to-print more accessible.

Multilayer IDML and PSD files support

The Customer's Canvas web-to-print editor supports text, raster, and vector layers, as well as QR and barcodes. The same layers in the original IDML or PSD file will appear in the editor after the file is uploaded. End-users can manipulate these layers in the editor using a mouse or a touchscreen.

Multilayer PSD files support
Enhance PSD templates with markers

Enhance IDML and PSD templates with markers

Adobe InDesign or Photoshop doesn’t provide any features for locking or applying specific actions to certain elements. Customer’s Canvas overcomes this limitation with markers - short prefixes that can be added to layer names. These markers define how a specific element can be personalized in the editor. You can even combine different markers to overcome unique design tasks.

Edit IDML and PSD templates online

Sometimes it is necessary to edit design templates after they have been imported into a web-to-print system. With Customer’s Canvas, this can easily be done. You simply upload IDML or PSD file to the website, edit it in the online editor, and save it as a new template within the platform.

Edit PSD templates online

Online designing process done right.

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