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Working with texts

Advanced print-grade text and font support are not easily implemented in most web applications. Because of this, many web-to-print solutions are limited to using only basic web fonts, leaving high-quality fonts appropriate for print out of reach. Customer's Canvas stands apart from the competition by providing support for any type of font and advanced text formatting, right out of the box.

Working with texts
Pixel perfectCustom fonts

Pixel-perfect text rendering

Customer's Canvas ensures that you get exactly the same design that you see in our WYSIWYG editor after it is rendered to a print-ready file. Be confident in consistency from the screen to the press with no broken text layouts or font issues.

User-friendly text input

Most web-to-print editors only support text editing with round trips to the server to avoid any possible design glitches caused by the limitations of HTML technology. Eliminate this extra step with Customer’s Canvas and provide your clients with a complete WYSIWYG personalization experience.

Advanced text formattingUser-friendly text input

Plain or rich text

Cover all possible user scenarios by choosing one of two types of text layers depending on your needs.

Plain TextRich Text

A single- or multi-line text layer for basic layouts great for when users only need to enter a few lines of text.

Plain Text
Plain Text

Allows text to be entered in a predefined area and supports advanced text formatting, automatic hyphenation, and sophisticated text layouts.

Rich Text
Rich Text

Advanced text formatting

Help your users create eye-catching designs with beautiful text layouts. The online print editor gives users full control over their final design with detailed text options like tracking, alignment, justification, leading, indents, and more. Other advanced typographic features such as condensed and sparse tracking, line spacing, and paragraph margins give Customer’s Canvas the upper hand over the rudimentary text editors of other web-to-print solutions.

Advanced text formattingAdvanced text formatting
Custom fontsCustom fonts

Custom fonts

Your customers don’t have to be limited to the same standard fonts that everyone has access to. You can enrich the online editor with any number of custom fonts, both free and commercial. TrueType, OpenType, and other font formats are all supported.

Multi-column text

No matter what kind of text your user is typing, there are several methods to make it easier to read. For example, you can configure a number of columns in a specific text block. As end-users change the text in the editor, the number of columns is automatically maintained.

Multi-column textMulti-column text

Set up rules for filling out text fields

Help your customers maintain consistency in their designs by applying predefined rules to fillable text areas.

Replaceable TextMasked TextMulti-value TextLinked Text PlaceholdersCopyfitting

It’s not always obvious which details should be added to given a field. Customer’s Canvas supports hints displayed in the user interface that can guide users during the personalization process.

Replaceable Text
Replaceable Text

Text fields can be set up to automatically format text entered by end-users in accordance with predefined rules for phone numbers, addresses, or anything else that requires a strict format.

Try online demos Masked Text
Masked Text

If your design requires the user to choose the content of a text field from a few predefined options, then you can organize these options under a drop-down menu.

Try online demos Multi-value Text
Multi-value Text

You can streamline the personalization process for designs that include several text layers that have the same content. These layers can be connected to each other so that when a user changes one of them, the changes are automatically applied to the others.

Linked Text Placeholders
Linked Text Placeholders

Make sure that customer's text fits the text box. If you apply this feature to the layer, the size of the text will be adjusted to the boundaries of that layer.

Learn more about Copyfitting... Copyfitting

Auto populate text areas

The editor supports pre-populating text fields with content supplied by your website or loaded from the e-commerce system.

Auto populate text areas

Text effects

Customer’s Canvas’s online editor supports several text effects that will encourage your clients to get creative with their designs.

Text WrappingCurved TextStrokes & ShadowsGlow

Users can wrap text around other layers or inscribe it within a shape.

Text Wrapping
Text Wrapping

Curved text layers are perfect for sophisticated designs and stamps.

Try online demos Curved Text
Curved Text

Add little accents to your designs that make them look professional.

Strokes & Shadows
Strokes & Shadows

Put additional emphasis on text layers by highlighting them with a glow effect.


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