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Thank you for choosing our web-to-print editor! Now that you have your license keys, you are ready to add print product personalization to your website. Here, you can find a list of useful links and answers to frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of our software.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Where can I find the information about my licenses?

A: You can find that information in the "My licenses" section of your account.

Q: Where can I find information about new features and improvements?

A: We publish all the information on the latest versions of our software on our blog. Also, you can find release notes in the dedicated section of our documentation.

Q: What is the best way to contact the support team?

A: If you experience issues with our software, the best way to reach our support engineers is by submitting a support ticket. Our ticket system was designed to ensure a prompt response from the support engineers who are available at that moment in time. Another advantage of this system compared to direct email is that you can see the current status of your case.

Q: Can I give access to my account to my colleague?

A: We advise you not to do this. Instead, we recommend that you create an individual account for each of your colleagues and ask our support team to link these accounts with yours. After that, they can access the history of support cases, invoices, license keys, and a list of hosted instances.

Q: Where can I find and download the latest version of Customer’s Canvas?

A: All released versions can be found in and downloaded from the "My downloads" section of your account.

Q: How can I update my Customer’s Canvas instance?

A: If you’re hosting Customer’s Canvas on your servers, you can download the package from your account and install it using these instructions. If you use our hosting services, you can open a support ticket with the update request, and our support team will update it for you.

Q: I want to use your demos as a reference when creating my own configuration. Is it possible?

A: Sure! You can contact our support team and we will provide you with the configuration we use for that demo so you can use it as a baseline.

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