Selling designs on Etsy?

We’re willing to bet that you’re familiar with many of these common problems when you personalize designs for your customers

It takes too long to get personalization details from them.

You have to message back and forth with them to resolve issues.

They constantly send incomplete or misspelled personal details.

Rush orders always come in when you are busy with something else.

Customer’s Canvas for Etsy is your solution for streamlining design personalization!

Instead of constantly going back and forth with your clients to manually personalize their designs, why not let them personalize and proof the products themselves in a web browser? When they are finished, you review the final result to make sure that it looks perfect and deliver the order.

How it works

Customer’s Canvas introduces a solution specifically optimized for Etsy designers, allowing you to streamline design personalization. It reduces the number of interactions with customers and gives you more time to do what you do best. Let’s see how it works.

Register and upload your designs

You register an account on the Customer’s Canvas for Etsy website and get a secure storage space for your products. Then you save all of your designs that are available on Etsy in the Adobe Photoshop format and upload them to the online storage.

Share a link

When the customer has purchased a template on Etsy and is ready to personalize it, you need not request data from them. Instead, you simply send them a link to a unique page on your Customer’s Canvas for Etsy account.

Get the design personalized

When the customer opens the link in their browser, they will see the purchased design loaded into an interactive online editor. The client can then use the editor’s interface to personalize the design by typing in personal details or uploading pictures.


After they finish, the customer will see proofs that are automatically generated based on the original template and the changes made to it in the editor. When the customer approves the final design, you receive a link to the print-ready version, which you then deliver to the customer.


Your artwork is securely stored

We provide you with secure storage for your designs. Your customers only get temporary access to purchased products. Once they are finished personalizing the order, their details expire and they no longer have access to it.

Photoshop support for designs

You might be worried that you’ll have to redo hundreds of designs to make them compatible with Customer’s Canvas for Etsy. Here’s some good news. You can upload any design that you created in Adobe Photoshop!

Simple approval process

Customer’s Canvas for Etsy uses an easy two-step approval process. When customers are done editing their designs, they approve proofs generated by the editor. If the client is satisfied with the result, you then approve the final design.

Any questions?

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