Allowing your customers to submit their pre-designed files for printing is only part of the solution when it comes to web-to-print. Files submitted by customers are often not print-ready, and you have to communicate back and forth to eventually end up with the correct design. Customer’s Canvas Proofing Tool allows you to avoid email tennis and get the files you need the first time around with automatic preflighting.

More often than not, customers would rather submit a completed design than use an interactive designer online. This can result in extra costs as end users are usually unaware of guidelines, requirements, and limitations that must be met before a design can go to print. Because of these mistakes, you have to spend valuable time checking, correcting, and approving the final design. Our preflight software can automatically approve or reject files while they are being uploaded to your site.

Another common problem occurs when customers try to order products with specific sizes and proportions but upload designs that do not match these requirements. Our preflight software can detect size and proportion discrepancies, and will help customers properly position the design on the print surface before allowing them to submit the design.


Web-to-print applications can use an AJAX request to “instruct” Customer’s Canvas to load a specific template and unpack its layer structure, content, and the properties of each layer. Your JavaScript code will then change specific layers in the template and upload it back to the server. The final result is a customized version of the design in a print-ready format.

Print Design Validation

  • Works with both single- and multipage products
  • Supports raster formats (JPEG and TIFF), Adobe PSD, and PDF
  • Validates DPI, color space (RGB/CMYK), color profiles, fonts, and more

Positions Designs on Product Surfaces

  • Customers can see if their design will fit the product surface
  • Automatically adjusts orientation of the output file
  • End users can make sure that all important design elements are within bleed lines
  • Warns users if the quality of a design is too low for the product size

Output Print-ready PDFs

  • Exports the submitted design in a print-ready PDF file compatible with your equipment
  • Optionally applies your color profile to the output
  • Can automatically add crop marks
Online Preflight Tool

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