Class: DesignEditorItemChanges

Represents item changes of the design-editor widget.



  • DesignEditorItemChanges






+ new DesignEditorItemChanges(init?: Partial‹DesignEditorItemChanges›): DesignEditorItemChanges


Name Type
init? Partial‹DesignEditorItemChanges



Optional barcodeFormat

barcodeFormat? : string

A barcode format for BarcodePlaceholder.

Optional barcodeSubType

barcodeSubType? : string

A barcode subtype for BarcodePlaceholder.

Optional color

color? : string

The fill color for backgrounds and shapes. This value may be the same as fillColor to support oldParams.

Optional contentPermissions

contentPermissions? : object

Type declaration:

  • imagePermissions(): object

    • allowChangeImage: boolean

    • allowEditImage: boolean

Optional effect

effect? : string

An image effect, either sepia or grayscale.

Optional fillColor

fillColor? : string

The fill color for backgrounds and shapes. This value may be the same as color to support oldParams.

Optional font

font? : object

Type declaration:

  • bold? : boolean

  • color? : string

  • family? : string

  • fauxBold? : boolean

  • fauxItalic: boolean

  • italic? : boolean

  • postScriptName? : string

  • size? : number

  • underline? : boolean

Optional image

image? : string

Optional location

location? : object

Type declaration:

  • x: number

  • y: number

Optional locked

locked? : boolean


name: string

The item name.

Optional placeholderContent

placeholderContent? : object

Placeholder content data.

For details, see PlaceholderItem.

Type declaration:

  • contentRectangle: RotatedRectangleF

  • contentResizeMode: string

  • contentTransform(): object

    • angle: number

    • scaleX: number

    • scaleY: number

    • translateX: number

    • translateY: number

  • dpi: number

  • height: number

  • originalUrl: string

  • placeholderRectangle: RotatedRectangleF

  • width: number

Optional placeholderPermissions

placeholderPermissions? : object

Type declaration:

  • allowEditContent: boolean

  • showHandleButton: boolean

  • showSelectButton: boolean

Optional position

position? : object

Type declaration:

  • x: number

  • y: number

Optional size

size? : object

The shape size

Type declaration:

  • height: number

  • width: number

Optional tags

tags? : object

Type declaration:

  • [ tagName: string]: any

Optional text

text? : string

Optional type

type? : string

The item type.


value: string

A new value of the item.

Optional visualizationPermissions

visualizationPermissions? : object

Type declaration:

  • noPrint? : boolean

  • noShow? : boolean