UI Framework ReferenceI3DViewerParams

Interface: I3DViewerParams

Provides properties that are used to visualize 3D models.

For more details, you can refer to the [[AuWidget3DViewer|3D-Viewer widget].

The following example illustrates how you can specify a two-sided model in the 3D-Viewer widget.

    "widgets": [{
        "name": "preview",
        "type": "3d-viewer",
        "params": {
            "showAnimationButtons": false,
            "showCameraButtons": false,
            "items": [{
                "images": [
                "model": "http://localhost:8081/box.dae"


  • I3DViewerParams





items: I3DItem[]

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-3d-viewer/I3DViewerParams.ts:29

A collection of objects for visualization.

Optional showAnimationButtons

showAnimationButtons? : boolean

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-3d-viewer/I3DViewerParams.ts:33

If a model has several elements (for example, if a box consists of a container and a lid), you can set this parameter to true to enable buttons for opening and closing these elements.

Optional showCameraButtons

showCameraButtons? : boolean

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-3d-viewer/I3DViewerParams.ts:31

If true, enables camera buttons.