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Interface: ICanvasDefinitionInitial

Provides properties to initialize a product in the editor.

For details, you can refer to the Initial command.

  "type": "canvas",
  "name": "editor",
  "params": {
    "initial": { ... },
    "setViewerSettings": {
      "zoom": 0.1,
      "zoomMode": 'bestFit',
      "scrollPosition": {x: 0, y: 0}





Optional after

after? : string | string[]

Inherited from ICanvasCommandDefinition.after

The next commands to be executed after this command completes.


editorConfig: CustomersCanvas.IframeApi.Configuration.IConfiguration

The configuration of the editor.

Optional galleryObserverEnable

galleryObserverEnable? : boolean

Obsolete, use maximizeAssetManager instead. If true, hides all panels and only displays the Asset Manager.

Optional maximizeAssetManager

maximizeAssetManager? : boolean

If true, opens the Asset Manager in the full-window mode.


productDefinition: CustomersCanvas.IframeApi.ObjectModel.IProductDefinition

PSD/IDML templates to open. For details, see the topic about defining products.

Optional viewerSettings

viewerSettings? : ICanvasDefinitionSetViewerSettings

Canvas zoom properties.