Interface: ICanvasDefinitionSetBackground

Provides properties to set a design background.

For details, you can refer to the SetBackground command.

  "type": "canvas",
  "name": "editor",
  "params": {
    "initial": { ... },
    "setBackground": {
      "url": "public:bg_123.pdf"





Optional after

after? : string | string[]

Inherited from ICanvasCommandDefinition.after

The next commands to be executed after this command completes.

Optional autoResize

autoResize? : boolean

If true, resizes the background image to fill the entire product.

Optional surfaceIndex

surfaceIndex? : number

The index of a surface that should be modified (the current surface if omitted).

Optional toTile

toTile? : boolean

If true, the background image tiles the entire product.


url: string

A URL to the image or a path in Customer's Canvas public gallery.