Interface: IDesignEditorDefinitionChangeLayout

Provides properties to replace design elements in the editor.

  "type": "design-editor",
  "name": "editor",
  "params": {
    "initial": { ... },
    "changeLayout": [{
      "discardChanges": false,
      "data": {
        "printAreas": [{
          "designFile": "{{'flyer/'+$['layout']}}"





Optional after

after? : string | string[]

Inherited from IDesignEditorCommandDefinition.after

The next commands to be executed after this command completes.


data: any

A product definition.

Optional dimesions

dimesions? : SurfaceDimensionsValue

If the layout and the currently loaded product have different dimensions, you can enable the size of either config or canvas, correspondingly.

Optional discardChanges

discardChanges? : boolean

If true, a design always loaded from scratch. if false or omitted, merges placeholders and text elements.


removeBackground: boolean

If true, removes the background image.

Optional showPreloader

showPreloader? : boolean

Inherited from IDesignEditorCommandDefinition.showPreloader

If true, displays the preloader while executing this command.

Optional sourceSurfaceIndex

sourceSurfaceIndex? : number

Specifies what page to be used as a layout if data refers to a multipage template.

Optional surfaceIndex

surfaceIndex? : number

The index of a surface that should be modified (the current surface if omitted).

Optional viewerSettings

viewerSettings? : IDesignEditorDefinitionSetViewerSettings

Zoom properties.