Interface: IDesignEditorDefinitionParams

Provides commands used in the design-editor widget.


  • IDesignEditorDefinitionParams





actionsErrorToast: ActionsErrorToastConfig

Enables a toast to display errors.

Optional changeLayout

changeLayout? : IDesignEditorDefinitionChangeLayout

Replaces design elements.

Optional changeMockup

changeMockup? : IDesignEditorDefinitionChangeMockup

Changes mockup images in the editor. This command uses images from the Customer's Canvas back end.

Optional initial

initial? : IDesignEditorDefinitionInitial

Initializes the editor.

Optional modifyItems

modifyItems? : IDesignEditorDefinitionModifyItems

Changes properties of design elements in the editor.

Optional replaceInterpolationPlaceholders

replaceInterpolationPlaceholders? : boolean

If true, executes the replaceInterloationPlaceholders() method after initialization to convert interpolation placeholders to in-string placeholders.

Optional setBackground

setBackground? : IDesignEditorDefinitionSetBackground

Sets a new background image.

Optional setPrintArea

setPrintArea? : IDesignEditorDefinitionSetPrintArea

Applies a new print area definition to the product.

Optional setRemoteMockup

setRemoteMockup? : ISetRemoteMockupParams

Changes mockup images in the editor. This command uses remote images through URLs.

Optional setSerializedProduct

setSerializedProduct? : ISetSerializedProductConfig

Optional setTheme

setTheme? : IDesignEditorDefinitionSetTheme

Applies a product theme.

Optional setViewerSettings

setViewerSettings? : IDesignEditorDefinitionSetViewerSettings

Changes product zoom properties in the editor.

Optional updateItems

updateItems? : IUpdateItemsCommandDefinition

Updates design elements.