Interface: IGalleryConfig

Provides gallery properties.

You can use these properties in params of the AuWidgetGallery class.

  "widgets": [
      "name": "bg-request",
      "type": "ajax",
      "params": {
        "url": "",
        "method": "GET"
      "name": "bg-gallery",
      "type": "gallery",
      "params": {
        "prompt": "Choose a background",
        "items": "{{$['bg-request'].response}}"


  • IGalleryConfig




Optional description

description? : string

The tooltip.

Optional endpoint

endpoint? : string

Deprecated, use AuWidgetAjax instead.

Optional forceSelection

forceSelection? : boolean

if true, the first element will be automatically selected when the gallery opens.

Optional headers

headers? : any

Deprecated, use AuWidgetAjax instead.

Optional itemWidth

itemWidth? : string

This item width allows you to override the default width.

Optional items

items? : IGalleryItem[]

An array of images to display in the gallery.

Optional itemsExpression

itemsExpression? : string

Optional method

method? : string

Deprecated, use AuWidgetAjax instead.


onChange: Function | Array‹Function›

A single function or an array of functions that will be executed when an item is clicked.

Optional preselected

preselected? : string

The name of preselected item.

Optional prompt

prompt? : string

The prompt encouraging users to select an image.

Optional showTitle

showTitle? : boolean

If true, displays the title.