UI Framework ReferenceIInputTextConfig

Interface: IInputTextConfig

Provides properties for an input field.

You can use these properties in params of the AuWidgetInputText class.

  "widgets": [
      "name": "quantity",
      "title": "Quantity",
      "type": "input-text",
      "params": {
        "defaultValue": "{{ order.quantity }}",
        "placeholder": "Quantity",
        "type": "number",
        "min": "1"


  • IInputTextConfig




Optional defaultValue

defaultValue? : string | number

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-input-text/IInputTextConfig.ts:29

The default value of the widget, either a string or number. By default, this is an empty string.

Optional isNumber

isNumber? : boolean

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-input-text/IInputTextConfig.ts:41

Optional isTextArea

isTextArea? : boolean

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-input-text/IInputTextConfig.ts:40

If true, enables a text area instead of single-line text. The default value is false.

Optional label

label? : string

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-input-text/IInputTextConfig.ts:49

A label of the widget. By default, this is an empty string.

Optional max

max? : number

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-input-text/IInputTextConfig.ts:45

The max value for the number type. The default value is 999999.

Optional maxLength

maxLength? : number

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-input-text/IInputTextConfig.ts:38

The max text length.

Optional min

min? : number

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-input-text/IInputTextConfig.ts:43

The min value for the number type. The default value is -999999.

Optional onChange

onChange? : Function | Array‹Function›

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-input-text/IInputTextConfig.ts:33

A function ("{{#function <expression>}}") or an array of functions. This event triggers when the user changes the text in the widget.

Optional pattern

pattern? : string

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-input-text/IInputTextConfig.ts:35

A regular expression to limit input.

Optional patternFlags

patternFlags? : string

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-input-text/IInputTextConfig.ts:36

Optional placeholder

placeholder? : string

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-input-text/IInputTextConfig.ts:25

A string that is displayed as a hint. By default, this is an empty string.

Optional prompt

prompt? : string

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-input-text/IInputTextConfig.ts:27

_Deprecated, use placeholder instead. By default, this is an empty string.

Optional rows

rows? : number

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-input-text/IInputTextConfig.ts:47

The widget height in rows if the text area mode is on. The default value is 2.

Optional supportText

supportText? : string

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-input-text/IInputTextConfig.ts:51

An optional string. By default, this is an empty string.

Optional type

type? : string

Defined in src/widgets/au-widget-input-text/IInputTextConfig.ts:31

The widget type, either "number" or "text". The default value is "text".