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Command: setBackground

Allows for replacing a background image of a design opened in the editor. The image can be taken from either a specified URL or the Customer's Canvas public gallery (in this case, the syntax is public:folder/filename.jpg).

Note! You should take care that the background has a correct DPI and dimensions, otherwise, it may distort the design size.


  • url - a URL to the image or a path in the Customer's Canvas gallery with the public: prefix as explained in Customer's Canvas docs.
  • surfaceIndex - an index of a surface that should be modified (the current surface, if omitted).
  • autoResize - if true, the background image will be resized to cover the entire design.
  • toTile - if true, the background image will tile the entire design. It is useful for pattern backgrounds. If false (by default), the background size will become the product size.


    "type": "gallery",
    "name": "bg",
    "params": {
        "items": [...]
    "type": "design-editor", 
    "name": "design-editor",
    "params": {
        "initial": { ... }, 
        "setBackground": {
            "url": "{{ $['bg']._.url }}"