Command: setPrintArea

This is an equivalent of the setPrintAreas method from the IFrame API, but only for one surface (either a specified surface or the current surface).


  • data - the same print area definition as used in the setPrintAreas.
  • surfaceIndex - which surface to replace. If omitted, the currently visible surface is modified.
  • options - additional configuration settings. See the setPrintAreas docs for more details.


    "type": "design-editor",
    "name": "design-editor",
    "params": {
        "initial": { ... },
        "setPrintArea": [{
            "surfaceIndex": 1,
            "data": {
                "designFile": "{{'demos/cards/'+$['designs']._.title}}"
            "options": {
                "preserveUserChanges": true,
                "updateRevertData": true,
                "updateSurfaceSize": true