Command: updateContainerSettings

Updates settings of channel containers that implement spot colors and textures in Customer's Canvas. It is a full equivalent to container.update from the IFrame API.

This command allows you to change the settings by the container name. The type of containers cannot be changed.


This command takes a <string, object> structure. Here, string is the container name and object represents new parameters for this container. You can change the following parameters:

  • name - the new name for the container.
  • translationKey - the translation key of the channel caption. You need to define such a caption in locales.json.
  • previewColor - a string in the CSS format. You can change the color for spotColor containers.
  • texture - a path to the texture image. You can change the color for texture containers.


This example supposes that product design has a texture container with the foil name.

    "type": "design-editor", 
    "name": "design-editor",
    "params": {
        "initial": { ... }, 
        "updateContainerSettings": [
                'foil' : { "texture": "{{ $['texture']._.props.texture }}" }