A text input field widget.

General info

  • type: input-text


  • placeholder - a string that is displayed as a hint. By default, this is an empty string.
  • label - a string that is used as a label of the widget. By default, this is an empty string.
  • supportText - an optional string. By default, this is an empty string.
  • defaultValue - the default value of the widget, either a string or number. By default, this is an empty string.
  • type - the widget type, either "number" or "text". The default value is "text".
  • maxLength - the max text length. For numbers, maxLength defines the number of digits and only works with positive values.
  • min and max - the allowed range of values of the number type. The default values are -999999 and 999999.
  • isTextArea - if true, enables a text area instead of single-line text. The default value is false.
  • rows - the widget height in rows if the text area mode is on. The default value is 2.
  • pattern - a regular expression to limit input. The default value is ".+".


  • onChange - a function ("{{#function <expression>}}") or an array of functions. This event triggers when the user changes the text in the widget.

Referring to a value in the config

You may refer to a value of a widget by using the value or _ shortcut:

    "text": "{{$['main-text']._}}"


      "name": "main-text",
      "type": "input-text",
      "params": {
          "isTextArea": true,
          "defaultValue": "Hello world",
          "prompt": "Enter your text",
          "maxLength": 20