Web-to-Print with Photoshop

13 April 2017
Web-to-Print with Photoshop
Learn how the integration of web-to-print software with Photoshop can automate the creating personalized products.

Photoshop is a universal software in printing industry. The main feature of any web-to-print solution that offers Photoshop integration is the ability to upload PSD templates that can then be manipulated in an online editor. This feature helps to resolve the incompatibility between platforms that often occurs when the printers must recreate customer files from scratch in a design editor. PSD templates with multiple layers containing images, text, shapes, and smart layers can be imported and manipulated without switching between programs.

Table of content

  • Web-to-print: the new normal
  • Digital reluctance: the web-to-print holdouts
  • Photoshop to the rescue

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