Why Web-to-Print Vendor Support Matters

20 April 2017
Why Web-to-Print Vendor Support Matters
Consider some of the challenges facing both vendors and printers in the W2P world and what you should be looking for in a company when browsing the market for a web-to-print solution.

Web-to-print has helped the printing industry make a U-turn when the road ahead looked uncertain. Now that the technology is out of its “beta” phase, print shops should have no problem with finally adding W2P to their mix. There is not necessarily a complete absence of challenges, one of which is choosing the right vendor that has comprehensive expertise in the field and the willingness to help their clients when they need it. Let’s examine some of the challenges that vendors should be ensuring their potential customers that they can overcome with ease.

Table of content

  • The human factor
  • Web-to-print: it's complicated
  • Web-to-print: the vendors make it work

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