Web-to-Print Technology for Online Photobooks Personalization

11 December 2018
Web-to-Print Technology for Online Photobooks Personalization
Learn the key features of the modern W2P module, which are directly responsible for an increase in photobook sales.

As digital technologies emerged and continued to develop, many forecasts were made that predicted the rapid decline of traditional markets and a global change in consumer habits. Several years later, these forecasts appear to have been overly pessimistic.

Paper books were considered doomed by the onslaught of e-books and tablets, yet they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Vinyl records are showing the highest sales since the 80s. Direct mail was thought to be an outdated communication channel, but more marketers than ever now consider it as an indispensable source of leads.

Table of content

  • Intuitive interface
  • Upload photos from social networks
  • Maintain a high level of privacy
  • Beautiful templates and different modes of editing
  • Online previews and proofing
  • Integration with e-commerce
  • Prepress functionality

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