Using Templates in Web-to-Print

30 November 2020
Using Templates in Web-to-Print
This white paper will examine the different use cases of templates in web-to-print and highlight the best practices of such usage for commercial printers and marketing automation platforms.

From the end-users’ perspective, the product template is web-to-print. Having said that, it is possible to run an operational workflow automation system without decent template support, but this is usually what differentiates successful projects from others. In many cases, it is not only appealing designs that increase conversion rates, but also advanced templates that enable complex personalization scenarios.  

Table of content

  • The anatomy of web-to-print templates
  • Limitations of web-to-print technology
  • How templates work in web-to-print
  • Creating web-to-print templates
  • Creating templates for different products
  • Automated template creation
  • Storing template libraries

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