10 reasons to pick a cloud-based web-to-print solution

24 January 2023
10 reasons to pick a cloud-based web-to-print solution
Learn how cloud-based web-to-print solutions allow you to reduce maintenance costs, provide faster time to market, and gain many other benefits.

Many of today's brands prefer using cloud-based solutions because they are cost-effective and provide faster market entry. You no longer need to invest heavily in infrastructure since all the necessary elements function in the cloud.

Suppose your company already uses an on-premises web-to-print solution. In that case, by switching to cloud hosting, you can reduce maintenance costs and gain many other benefits that we will consider throughout this white paper.

Table of content

  • A more consistent and convenient web-to-print platform 
  • Simpler to implement and maintain
  • Faster time to market with a vast library of workflows
  • Easier template configuration through the Template Editor Cloud
  • Smoother product management via the new PIM module
  • Improved collaboration between teams
  • Higher performance with cloud-native architecture
  • Work more efficiently on client projects
  • Enhanced print file quality with advanced Rendering Service
  • Stay in compliance through our EU-based data center
  • How can you start using the cloud-based web-to-print solution?

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