Web-to-print for marketing automation

13 April 2023
Web-to-print for marketing automation
This white paper’s purpose is to provide a comprehensive overview of web-to-print technology’s applications in marketing automation.

The white paper will highlight various aspects of web-to-print technology and its function in marketing automation based on examples from real-world experiences. The aim is to educate and inform decision-makers in the marketing automation industry about the advantages of leveraging web-to-print technology for improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Table of content

  • Benefits of Web-to-Print Technology for Marketing Automation Services
    • Streamlining the ordering process for marketing products
    • Increased efficiency and cost savings
    • Improved branding consistency
  • The Importance of Templates
    • Creating and managing template libraries
    • Setting up templates for efficient ordering
  • Working with Data
    • Preparing templates for data binding
    • Connecting data sources
    • Ensuring data accuracy in marketing materials
  • User-friendly and Error-proof Ordering Workflows
    • Choosing the right interface: Form-based vs. WYSIWYG
    • Metrics to evaluate the efficiency of the ordering workflow

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